Our Trusted Associates

Pete Stevens –

Pete Stevens – IT Specialist

Pete is our adviser on anything to do with IT, Networks and other communications. He works with our clients giving them what they need within their budget.

Angus Grady –

Angus Grady – SEO Specialist, Trainer & Presenter

Angus is our specialist on anything to do with Social Media, training, exploiting leads and what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing.

Jason Kahl –

Jason Kahl – Web Designer

Jason is a very creative web designer specialising in Web/UI Design, Graphic Design, Branding & Illustration he gets to the heart of what a client wants and needs, the results always look good.

Holger Garden –

Holger Garden – Bid Writer, Trainer, Presenter & Coach

Holger has a passion for making a positive impact whether that’s with a company, team or individual he will always bring out the best.

Chantal  Cornelius –

Chantal Cornelius – Marketing Solutions Specialist

Chantal is our marketing specialist, she provides bespoke practical marketing advice and support to service businesses.

Michael Curth –

Michael Curth – Process Improvement Specialist

Michael has a proven track record of being able to reduce the time it takes to deliver your products or services? – cut the number of defects and re-works?

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