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At SR Consulting we like working with SME businesses, their owners and senior managers, who want their business to make a difference: either to their clients and customers, to their teams and to themselves. We don’t focus on a specific business area and our clients include those within the manufacturing, creative, technology, accountancy, service, retail and charity sectors, for example. What really matters to us is that our clients are committed to developing their businesses and are open to ideas and working in partnership with us over the long term; we love working with people on a practical level helping them achieve great results

How we work with you


We normally, but not exclusively, open our working relationship with a Business Barometer session. We have developed a range of Barometers that give you a quick snapshot Insight into the health of your business, where you are doing well and where you need to focus attention. The session normally takes around three hours and we give you the results there and then. Check out which Barometers would suit you.

We have a range of Barometers to suit your needs:

Start Ups

Anyone setting up their own business faces a range of challenges that eventually need to be resolved. If you have recently started your own business the Start Up Barometer will give you an Insight into your progress and where you will need to focus your future attention so that key aspects of your…

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The Micro Business Barometer

If your business consists of one to five people you face your own specific pressures, and this Barometer has been designed to tease out the key issues such businesses face in terms that will resonate with you. It looks across the width of your business from customer/client engagement to financial resilience…

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The SME Business Barometer

This is our core and most frequently used Barometer. It explores the following six key areas: clients/customers and how they relate to your business; the business’s key products and services; business resilience; people issues; financial viability; and plans for the future. Businesses use the results from these…

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The Charity Barometer

The Charity Barometer The key focus of every charity is by its very nature on its core beneficiaries. However, to ensure that your charity can maximise that focus you must to operate in the most business-like manner practicable. The Charity Barometer will help you to identify those strands of underpinning activity that…

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The Charity Governance Barometer

The Charity Governance Barometer A key feature of all charities is the effective relationship between those who run the charity on a day to day basis and their trustees with their oversight role. Our Charity Governance Barometer helps you test the effectiveness of that relationship highlighting areas of good practice but also…

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The Data Protection Barometer

The Data Protection Barometer All businesses and organisations need to ensure that they handle personal data in a safe and secure, legal and effective manner. New regulations are in the offing that strengthen the focus of the regulations on the rights of individuals and places greater onus on those who use that personal data to…

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The Care Home Group Barometer

The Care Home Group Barometer Care homes provide a vital service to many vulnerable parts of our society. However, it is a sector that is under extreme pressure with no obvious let up foreseeable. It is, therefore, important that the focus on care homes providing high quality care is supplemented by an efficient and effective

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While the Barometer can be a free-standing exercise for you, and some clients ask for it on an annual basis, it is usually the starting point for a series of workshops/engagements with you. The focus is typically on ideas or issues that have been prompted or highlighted by the Barometer session. The workshops are about finding Solutions that meet your specific priorities, needs and circumstances, and developing a delivery plan that suits your way of working.

In practice, we find that we normally work with our clients in three main areas:

a) Growth – Here our clients typically want our support to grow their businesses in a way that suits their style of working, their key priorities (be it financial, scale, life style etc.) and their longer-term aspirations.

b) Remedial – Not all businesses are where they want to be, and in these cases our clients ask for our help and guidance to get them back on track. As with “Growth” above the proposed solution must consider style, priorities and longer term aspirations.

c)Efficiency – Enlightened businesses realise they must be efficient if they are to be sustainably successful. Examples of our support here include business process reviews and other related Lean techniques, or more bespoke exercises as needed


Some clients will have the capability and capacity to deliver any plan that we have developed for them themselves; but the vast majority seek some Support from us, which is great as at the core of SR Consulting are long term relationships with our clients.

The nature of the support will always depend on you and what works for you: many ask us for a quarterly review meeting to keep the plan on track; others like to use us for advice on specific issues as needed; often we are asked to work within the business on specific parts of the plan; or whatever form of support suits you. The important part for us is this is the start of a long-term relationship with you.

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