The Data Protection Barometer

All businesses and organisations need to ensure that they handle personal data in a safe and secure, legal and effective manner.

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New regulations are in the offing that strengthen the focus of the regulations on the rights of individuals and places greater onus on those who use that personal data to act with due care and diligence. For many businesses and organisations, the mining of personal data, for example, is at the very heart of their success, and the vast majority of businesses and organisations handle personal data in some form; so steps must be taken now to ensure compliance with the new regulations. But many think all this is simply about IT security – that is a mistake as some of your biggest risks relate to your staff. The Data Protection Barometer will help you test how ready your business or organisation is to face the new regulatory challenge from senior management buy-in, your policies and procedures, the data you collect, your relationship with your data subjects and security itself.

Jason KahlThe Data Protection Barometer