Hi, I’m Patrick and I like to get to know the culture of an organisation

A bit about me

As my management skills have developed over the years, I realise that people are one of the most important factors to a successful business.
I like to spend time observing people at all levels in a business, it can be very telling about how effective communication and the management styles really are!
I am also a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute

My previous life!

My career started as a horologist (watch repairer) this may have been where I learnt to be patient and look at things in greater detail, unfortunately the introduction of the quartz watch put paid to this.
I then joined the local constabulary as a PC on the beat, (the 1980’s was an interesting decade!) This is where my interest in the way people behave started and my time as a PC allowed to meet a lot of good people, but also had to deal with the bad and the sad.
Then onto The Courts Service as a manager of a small department, and after several promotions became Deputy Clerk to the Justices. In 2005 Her Majesty’s Court Service was formed and I was appointed Head of Operations for the area where I was responsible for large teams and ever decreasing budgets. By using lean principles, involving and communicating well with all members of my teams resulted in a complete change in culture from one of “we can’t” to one of “let’s have a go!” The teams were soon seen as exemplar models of good practice they were also the most productive and efficient in the country.
In 2010 I left the Civil Service and decided to join forces with Jonathan Lane setting up SR Consulting in order to share our skills, knowledge and passion with other businesses.

My work/life balance

I believe it’s very important to be able to switch off from work issues, I walk a lot with our two year old Labrador (she never answers back but does seem to get her own way most of the time!). I am very interested in History and Archaeology and belong to metal detecting club and have found many interesting items – how they end up in the middle of a field? If only they could talk.

Want to know how well your business is doing?

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