Laura Lewis – Director, Chameleon HR

Working with Pippa and Jonathan of SR Consulting has been brilliant and transformational for my business on lots of levels. It has given me insight, confidence about my success so far, and clarity around where I’m heading.

Pippa and Jonathan have a wealth of experience and this, alongside lots of coaching and practical advice that’s shared in a fun and down-to-earth way, helps you to crystallise where you are going with your business. This combination sets them apart from any other business consultants. 

The result of the business planning workshops is a very detailed plan of how you are going to get to where you want to be, organised in priority order, with the offer of ongoing support and advice at any point.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with SR Consulting and I believe that they are a must for any business looking to change in any way, whether that’s to grow or improve if things aren’t going well.

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adminLaura Lewis – Director, Chameleon HR