Martin Gomme – No more inky fingers

I have recently been working with SR Consulting to develop a practical and actionable plan for my business that will result in profitable growth.
Through the combination of a series of exercises and some insightful questioning we looked at the key issues and threats that my business faces, identified where the business is doing well and agreed what actions need to be taken to unlock further growth potential in the business.
The approach taken by SR Consulting ensures that the strategic options I pursue will be easier for me to implement and are more likely to succeed because they take into account the culture of my business, my style of working and my personal goals and ambitions.
The process takes place in an informal, friendly working environment that can be thought-provoking and challenging at times, but the sessions move along at a good pace and deliver workable action plans.

I have no hesitation in recommending SR Consulting.

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adminMartin Gomme – No more inky fingers