Start Ups

Anyone setting up their own business faces a range of challenges that eventually need to be resolved.

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If you have recently started your own business the Start Up Barometer will give you an Insight into your progress and where you will need to focus your future attention so that key aspects of your business are not overlooked. This Barometer works best once the your business has been up and running for around six months

I recently used SR-Consulting’s Business Barometer service for a health check for my business. After an interactive and in-depth Q&A session with Jonathan, he provided me with a detailed 360deg analysis of the position of my business, including its strengths, weaknesses, risks and areas for improvements. His feedback and recommendations were extremely helpful and valuable to me as a small business owner and I was provided with a full report to enable me to action what was discussed. I would recommend this service not only to small businesses like mine, but to any business wishing to improve in areas including financial, service delivery, client satisfaction, business resilience and several others.

Personal Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist
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