How Well Do Your Clients Like Your Products and Services?

Are your products and services well regarded by your clients? Do they portray a positive image of your business? How do you know?!

One of the best ways to see how well regarded your products and services are is by recording the number of times your clients refer you to potential customers. Happy clients will sing your praises to other people, telling them how you’ve helped them to solve their issues. They will help you to promote your business, by telling other people what you can do to help them too.

If you’re not regularly receiving recommendations from your clients, it could be that the products and services that you provide are not doing the job that your clients need them to do. So how do you find out what your clients think of what they are buying from you?

There are numerous ways in which you can find out from your clients what they think of your products and services. You could use an online survey tool, sending out an email to your clients and asking them to complete the questions, which can be open, closed (requiring simple Yes or No answers) or multiple choice. Do not expect your clients to answer dozens of questions – let them know how many questions you want to ask or how long you estimate the survey will take to complete. Do not expect many detailed answers either, as many people will try to answer the survey as quickly as they can.

There are also companies that will design and carry out a client satisfaction survey for you. This can help if you don’t think that your clients will give you totally honest feedback if you ask them yourself. As with online surveys, do not expect your clients to answer too many questions. It can help if you let them know in advance that you would like someone to contact them to ask them some questions; you can even send them the questions before they are called, so that they have some time to prepare.

The Power of Asking

Probably the simplest and most effective way of gathering feedback is just by asking your clients. If you meet with them on a regular basis, you can ask for their feedback at the end of a meeting, for example at the start of each year. If you don’t meet your clients very often, a phone call to ask for some feedback will work well. There are many questions that you could ask, but here are three that we think really work well together:

  1. Do you like the service or product that we deliver?
  2. What works well for you or what do you like about the product or service?
  3. What could we do differently or better?

The first question is a simple, closed question that should give you a Yes or a No. If you’re asking these questions face to face or over the phone, then your client is quite likely to go into a bit more detail and even go on to answer the second question without you having to ask it.

The answer to the third question will allow you to really add value to your client. While you might not be able to make all the changes or improvements that they suggest, you do need to consider them. You also need to let them know which of their suggestions you will be implementing, so that your clients do not feel that their time has been wasted. Remember also to record the answers you’re given to all the questions, as you could use your client’s words in a testimonial or case study.

Taking the time to find out what your clients think and to make sure that they are completely happy with the product or service that they are buying from you will help you to build stronger relationships with them. This will help you to turn them into loyal clients who buy from you for many years.

So how well do your clients like your products and services? If you don’t know, it could be time to ask some questions and to find out. If you need any help with this or any other aspect of developing long term relationships with your clients, call Jonathan Lane on 07503 891 331 or Patrick Doyle on 07425 150 238, or click here to email us to see how we can help you.

February 2018 
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adminHow Well Do Your Clients Like Your Products and Services?